Sunday, May 25, 2014

Day 9

The blog is back up and running!! There should be longer recaps on the last two days later, but in summary of events: We went to Laurelhill school and played, we (mainly Lucy) taught some drama classes and did a pretty good job at it, we went to an awesome Matt Maher and Matt Redman concert, there was coffee spilled on a laptop, everybody left me behind at Giant's Causeway, and we made some great friends at the Transformation Center. Now onto Day 9.
Today, we had a true, home-cooked Irish breakfast and discovered that there is no such thing as a bad meal prepared by the church cooks, Phyllis and Ruth. Everything was delicious and it was a great way to start the day. Afterwards, we gave a worship seminar to members of Mount Zion Community Church, as well as others who decided to tag along. Jon gave a great message about how Christ treated his body, and that the church, being the body, should treat itself the same way. After that we broke off into separate small groups, and since there were no drummers I just kind of waited around. I still ended up teaching Emily Royster and Kat a little bit of basic drumming technique. The afternoon was filled with set up and practice for the first night of the Youth Conference. While there were some difficulties, Sarah went into pro audio mode and figured it out. The night was filled with wonderful worship. Seeing the church praise God in complete abandon was absolutely amazing. Pastor Nick Serb also gave a wonderful sermon about standing firm in Christ. He talked about how our roots need to be planted in God's word, and our desires need to be after God, not worldly possessions. It is only then that we can stand true in God. It was a very impactful sermon and will definitely be one that sticks with me. I also got to pray over a friend we made here, Jonny. It was truly a great day of service to the Lord and I loved every minute of it!
-Matt Harling

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