Monday, May 19, 2014

Day 4 - Belfast and Lisburn

Well, today was another long day of travel. After a two-hour drive to Dublin and then another two-hour drive north, we finally arrived at Belfast. In Belfast, we met up with Asbury graduate Becca Richards, who rushed us through the city in order to arrive at her church, CFC. We went to CFC to not only see Becca's church, but also to meet Robin Mark. Robin is a Christian songwriter from the 80s and 90s. One of his most well-known songs is "Days of Elijah." We sat down with Robin for a little over an hour and discussed songwriting as well as Irish history with the church. Afterwards, we were picked up by Derek, Nick, and Kenny. From about the time we entered the car until the end of night we could not stop laughing. We found out very quickly that the members of this church had a certain kind of wit that was similar to our own. After the thirty minute drive to the church, we were welcomed with a delicious home-cooked meal of bacon-wrapped chicken, corn, broccoli, and potatoes. It was the best meal we have had this whole trip, hands down. Following the meal, we sat down with the guys who picked us up, as well as a lady named Magda and a few of the youth. During this time, we got to grow closer as a group, not only discussing why we made the trip but also telling a bit of our past. I was the first to be asked about why I made the trip. I discussed about how I felt that our mission as a group was sort of like Paul's letters to the church in the New Testament. We are here to edify the church and to help them grow as they find new ways to reach the community, especially the youth. Having met some of the members today, I still definitely believe this is our mission. Our common band as people is we serve a God of love and truth, and with this in mind we will work together in order to build into each other. The biggest thing I have noticed with this church is the love they have for us. They've only just met us today, but instead of an awkward first meeting, it felt like a family reunion. I've felt that if I take that same common bond into any first time meeting, it will make it all the better. The God that we serve has given us a love that knows no borders, no divisions, and no nationality. It does not matter who you are, God's love defines us all, and the quicker we recognize that, the quicker we can simply welcome each other with open arms.

-Matt Harling

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  1. Wow, Matt! Beautifully written! I'm so glad to have you on the trip, and I'm thrilled to see how God is working in all of us!