Monday, May 19, 2014

Day 3 - Kat

Well today is actually day four, but yesterday was day three. (: 

Yesterday morning we woke up waaayyyyyyy too early (at least by my standards) and got "lifts" to church. We set up all of our instruments and ran sound check before leading worship, which started at 10. When we started playing Manifesto, there were probably 20 people in the room, and by the time we had finished our worship set there were at least 100! It seems to me that Ireland time is a whole lot like Jon time... Always about 15 minutes later than previously stated. Oh! And it was the most culturally diverse church ever! We counted at least 12 different countries represented. And in just one congregation! 

After the church service we helped tear down the stage and equipment, since the church actually meets in a hotel. They recently bought a new building, but they haven't moved in yet. Anyways, after we helped tear down, we led a workshop on worship team stuff. I led the human knot game and Emily R did the debriefing, which was followed by a talk on a few principles of worship led by Jon. After about 45 minutes we split up into smaller groups. Sarah led a talk on vision for technology in their new church building, Jon led a worship leaders' talk, Emily L and Lucy hung out with the singers, and Micah and I talked to a few musicians about keyboarding. It seems like the seminars were all really productive! 

Yesterday was such a beautiful day that we just had to go to Salt Hill and visit the beach... And it was marvelous. Absolutely amazing. You should definitely check out our pictures on Facebook. 

After the beach we went back to the hotel to wind down for a few minutes... And by "wind down" I mean that everyone else rested while Micah did handstands on the bed. Around 9 we went out for ice cream and then went pub-hopping in search of some traditional Irish music. We heard a Ho Hey cover, a little bit of trad, some jazz, and finished the night with Kenzie3, a cover band who said we could request "any song ever. Except Free Bird." 

At the end of the night we said our official goodbyes, and it was so sad! It's crazy how much you can love people after only being with them for a few days. 

Now we're on a bus to Belfast, where we'll begin the second adventure of our Irish journey! 

Love and blessings, 

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