Monday, April 14, 2014

Meet the Band: Matt Harling

Hello world! My name is Matt Harling and I play the drums for Half Peeled Orange. I'm a junior at Asbury, even though this is my first year here. I'm a Media Communications major with an emphasis in Audio. I grew up in Chicago, so I love everything Chicago... except for the Cubs. I also love my family (obviously) and my girlfriend of the past 4 years, Carly. And, most importantly, I love Jesus, who took my sins to the cross and died by taking my punishment, then rose again in glorious day, conquering sin forever.

This trip to Northern Ireland will be the first missions trip for me. When I was told that I was going on the trip, I was excited and tried so hard to not burst into screaming excitement because I was still in the meeting. I have been to Europe a few times, but I cannot wait to go there and serve.

Please continue to pray for our group as we prepare to travel and that our hearts are open to all the good works God has in store for us. I cannot wait to be used as a tool for God's grand plan!

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